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:: Pro Tips :: How to Think Like a Great Putter

How to Think Like a Great Putter

All great putters believe they are great putters. Average putters defeat themselves because they see themselves as bad putters. They remember only the putts they missed, never the ones they made. Great putters not only believe they are good putters but also love the process of making putts. They truly believe they can make every putt. You might not have the stroke of a great putter, but you can think like one.

1. A Great Attitude
A great attitude and approach to putting is essential. A great attitude is thinking you are a good putter, trusting your method, relying on feel instead of mechanics, and believing you can make putts. Good putters love to putt. They don't fear this aspect of the game. You can't putt well if you go into a round wondering if you are going to putt poorly today. Take a positive approach and challenge yourself to putt well.

2. Believe You Can Make it
You can't be a hit and hope putter and putt well. Great putters know that they must trust what they see, believe in their decisions, and believe they can make the putt. Once you decide on a line, stay firm to that plan and believe you can make it no matter how many you have missed in the past.

3. Focus on Execution
The goal is to make putts but hitting good putts comes from paying attention to the process of execution. You have to focus on the ingredients that will help you make putts such as reading the green, selecting a line, aiming to a target, and allowing your instincts to take over. If you do these well, you have a good chance of making putts.

4. Rely on Touch and Feel
Ben Crenshaw once said: "If you are going to be a good putter, you have to have good feel on the greens." Great putters rely on their instincts to make putts--they don't think about mechanics. They use feel, touch, instinct, and vision. They know how to get the ball in the hole without thinking about "how to" get the ball in the hole.

5. Use Your Imagination
Putting is a visual task that requires imagination. You must read greens well and also "see" or "feel" your line. Imagination helps you read and select a line in which your ball travels. The better you can read breaks and "see" the line, the more putts you will make.

6. Be Patient They Will Fall
You might hit a perfectly struck putt, but that doesn't guarantee that it will go in. All great putters stay composed and patient. Several factors influence how a ball rolls on the green, many of which you cannot control. You can't control the imperfections in the green or spike marks. The best you can do is hit a solid putt on your line. Once the ball starts rolling, it's out of your hands.

Courtesy of http://www.peaksports.com/

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