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9 Hole Golf Course
  • Opening June 08
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2636 Patrick Road
Westmoreland @ Mulkey
N. Ellis County, TX. 75167
Tournament Player Rules

Each player will have the right to play from any tee box. However,5 year olds will play from 100 yards out; 6, 7 & 8 year olds will play from 150 yardage marker or tee. We recommend that players, boys and girls, use the following guideline; Score is above 55 (9 holes) or 100 (18 holes) play from the red tees. Scores below 55 or 100 will play next set of tees, color depending upon course or any set one might select other than the red tees.


Rules of Play

  • Play the ball as it lies
  • Players may not have spectators and parents assist in carrying their bag and equipment, but must walk the golf course. Participants and their equipment cannot be transported in motorized carts, except when going to their first hole or when returning from the last hole played or anytime administrator sees the need
  • Pull carts are permitted.
  • Participants may have spectators and parents assist in keeping their score. All scores need to be recorded on Foundation scorecards.
  • Any player, who has taken eight (8) strokes on any hole and has not holed out, must pick up his/her ball and proceed to the next tee. The score must be recorded as an eight (8) and does not exclude the participant from award consideration. Score card will be noted with a circle around the 8.
  • Parents and spectators may not interact with the participants, may help keep score from cart path only and will be submitted to the administrators immediately following the tournament; and may not assist in club selection.
  • Upon completion of the round, players must immediately proceed to the scoreboard area to return their score card to the official scoring area. Participants are responsible for the correct hole-by-hole score and two signatures on the scorecard. Or unless scores are kept by the Administrators.
  • Pace of Play: Participants and spectators must keep up with the group in front of them at all times.
  • The Golf Experience Foundation or Jeremy’s Golf Center & Academy Staff will administer official rulings. You will be brought into a situation ONLY if the staff member of official asks you.
  • When on the course, spectators and players must turn off cell phones or turn ringers to the silent or vibrate mode. Respect host facility's policy if cell phones are not allowed.
  • * All USGA Rules Apply.

    Each player has to adhere to our rules, parents that are volunteering must adhere to them also.

Each player has to adhere to our rules, parents that are volunteering must adhere to them also.

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