We Offer:
Lighted" Practice Range
  • 80 Grass Tee Box Slots
  • 6 Target Greens
  • Short Game Practice Area - Chipping, Putting & Bunkers
9 Hole Golf Course
  • Opening June 08
Junior Golf Programs
Pro Golf Instructions
Golf Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Junior Golf Teams -
    Elite, Select, Rec & Peewee
  • Junior Golf Tournaments
  • Home School Events
  • Field Trips
Ladies League
Adult & Couple Classes
Private Lessons w/Video
  • Swing Analysis
Team Building Programs
Membership Packages
  • High School Golf Team
  • Special Packages
  • Individual
  • Family
Event Facility Space
2636 Patrick Road
Westmoreland @ Mulkey
N. Ellis County, TX. 75167

Administrator's Guidelines


  • Advises each player the distance to the flag, prior to them hitting “each” ball
  • Many players take a practice swing in front of the ball; do not count it as a stroke.
  • The Greens - Flag Attendant
  • Cart Lifts from green to next tee (if the distance is too far to walk) – Players are not allowed to have contact with parents, etc.
  • Tally scores at the next tee box
  • Give order of play at next hole (do not give out scores)
  • Can advise general tips to entire group at the tee box only, prior to everyone hitting (a recap of last hole play)
  • Keep an accurate Score Card for each player
  • Get signatures for scores cards from each player
  • Advises Rules & Etiquette based on Rules of Golf and/or Local Club Host Facility.
  • Disqualify Tournament Player(s) if rules are not observed and/or parent interference; provided it is not a caddy/coaching tournament.
Each player has to adhere to our rules, parents that are volunteering must adhere to them also.

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