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:: Intermediate Tips ::Easy and Safe Pitching

Easy and Safe Pitching
by Johnathan Yarwood

It is vital that you have a consistent pitching method. Then it is possible to control the distance. This is a shot that is seldom practiced and yet can be up to 30% of a round sometimes! Simply take a narrow, open stance with your feet. Align your hips and shoulders parallel to the target. Move the weight a little left and position the ball in the middle of your stance to encourage a downward hit. Now, move your stomach area to give the shot some power. Let the club hinge a little in the backswing and make the follow through a mirror image of the backswing so that they are similar in length. You should feel that as you want the ball to go further the club will hinge more back and through. Find a feel in your stroke to hit the ball some set distances. For example many players practice 30, 50 and 70 metres. Through impact you should feel the hands leading the club, and the wrist has an angle in the back of it. This will encourage a descending blow. Many amateurs try and scoop the ball into the air so the back of the left wrist gets an angle in it through impact - resulting in a thin or fat shot. Try hitting to short distances and then gradually increasing how far that you hit the ball. Let the club swing and feel the hinging motion that is produced by it as the stoke increases. Becoming a better pitcher is vital to decreasing scores.

Courtesy of http://www.cambogolf.com/

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