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Left Elbow in for Release
by Johnathan Yarwood

Many players have been told to push through to the target in putting. This leads to a poor release of the putter and a negative roll on the ball as the player starts to decelerate. The backswing and the follow through should match in putting. If you watch many good putters like Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods their follow through actually stops a little bit short of what you would expect and the putter is pulled back or recoiled a little. That is because they have released the head of the putter and create good end-over-end roll on the ball. To achieve this, try this drill. Put a glove under your left arm and putt while keeping the glove there. You should feel the club passing your hands and releasing. Make sure that you keep your chest square to the hole and your tempo smooth, don't stab it!

Courtesy of http://www.cambogolf.com/

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