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Taking a Swing at Living Her Dreams
By Starlene Stringer
Visionary Susan Lee-Hargrave is taking the dream of spending everyday on the golf course to a whole new level. Since retiring nearly three years ago at the young age of 44, Hargrave has spent many of her days on the range at Jeremy's Golf Center located in North Waxahachie. But it hasn't been all fun and games. In fact, it's been a lot of hard work and it has cost her a lot of money.

Hargrave is the owner of Jeremy's, a state-of-the-art golf training center that she's already shelled out $1.3 million on and has plans to invest even more. "We have plans to put in a 9-hole golf course, too. We should start on that at the first of the year," shares Hargrave. There's definitely room for it, 51 acres to be exact. In addition to the soon-to-be built golf course and the training area, there also are several home sites on Hargrave's property. It's all quite an accomplishment for any entrepreneur, but especially for an African American female born in Bryan College Station who spent two years at Prairie View A&M University before leaving to become a model. Luckily for this Christian-raised preacher's kid, she knows our lives are in His hands and the course she took was all a part of a greater plan. Even so, she still feels that becoming a model is one of the worse decisions she's ever made. Despite a billion dollar smile and beauty that still radiates both inside and out, Hargrave's modeling career wasn't always lucrative enough to pay the bills. To compensate for the lack of funds she called on Kelly Girls. Like many who make a living working for others, Hargrave felt that she could successfully run a similar company on her own. And she did.

In 1990, Hargrave started All Temps Personnel Services. Ten years later, she sold the company in a multi-million dollar deal and simply walked away. When asked if she misses it, Hargrave replies, "Oh Lord no! Not at all, I hated it. My second year in business I wanted to sell. But I did it for 10 years. It was time to move on." Hargrave also felt it was time to get married and start a family. In one year, she sold her company, got married and adopted a little boy named Jeremy. That explains the name of her newly-built golfing center, but her interest in the sport is somewhat a mystery. She wasn't exposed to golf until college. The love affair started there. Then this award-winning CEO went on to spend many more hours on golf courses with her former clients. However, she admits she still isn't very good. Maybe not at golf, but in business, she's brilliant.

One of the best golf course architects in the country, Jeff Brauer, was brought in to design the property which also holds a well house, storage center, a special events facility and a 2-acre pond for irrigation. Her full-time staff of four is made up of some of the top golf experts in town, including Jeremy's Assistant Golf Instructor/Assistant Manager, Opie Maines. Currently in the Pro Golfers Association, Maines loves his job and is very excited about Jeremy's. "There's probably 20 golf courses within 10 miles of here, but there's no practice place," he brags. That's correct. The only other comparable practice range is further north. But Hargrave says, "The growth is headed south. People don't realize that the average income is far greater in the south than it is in the north." Her research proves that to be true not only in Dallas/ Fort Worth, but throughout the United States in general. Which is why in addition to completing a book for women in business, Hargrave is preparing to open additional golf practice ranges in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. That's all a part of her future plans.

Today she's focused on her new family and the first Jeremy's Golf Center located right here in town. "My ultimate dream was to have a golf facility where people could learn to play and practice," she recalls. Once again, she has succeeded. Hargrave is off to a great start. They've held special classes for women and a youth camp as well. Since opening Jeremy's up to the public in the summer of 2002, several school golf teams (i.e. Waxahachie, Midlothian, Cedar Hill, Roosevelt, Red Oak and Ferris) have chosen to practice there. This is a kind of validation stamp that Hargrave's project is up to par. When it comes to making her dreams reality, this woman is on the ball. That's a good thing, for as golfing great Ben Hogan once said, "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."

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